Apple to check iCloud photo uploads for child abuse images

Apple Inc on Thursday said it will implement a system that checks photos on iPhones in the United States for matches with known images of child sexual abuse before they are uploaded to its iCloud storage services. If enough child abuse image uploads are detected, Apple will initiate a human review of and report the user to law enforcement officials, the company said. Apple said the system is designed to reduce false positives to one in one trillion.

Revolve stock plunges more than 19% as delta variant, Apple iOS privacy rules pose a risk

Revolve Group Inc. stock plunged 19.3% in Thursday trading after the e-commerce fashion site was downgraded by no less than two analysts. “On our near-term ‘wall of worry,’ we believe that a combination of delta, sunsetting student loan forbearance, and iOS privacy changes makes revenue upside less evident and margins look full,” wrote KeyBanc Capital Markets in its note.

3 Underrated Tech Dividend Stocks You Shouldn’t Ignore

Coming out of the dot-com bubble, very few people would have guessed that 20 years later the five largest companies in the U.S. would all be technology companies. Granted, technology companies are not known for high dividend yields, but their cash-flow-rich business models have supported years of dividend increases. Let’s take a closer look at three tech companies that should get more love from dividend investors.